Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Four Months of Fun

William is getting bigger and bigger everyday. As I sit here writing this I am still in shock that four months ago today I became a mother. Watching our little man on the couch just napping away.

Anyhow on to the William news. He is pulling himself up using our fingers and can stand when you hold him. He is almost rolling over but his face (or some other body part) always seems to get in the way. You can see his frustration particularly when that special toy is just out of reach. He does have a favorite toy, it is a cube that we got him that rattles and has handles that he can hold on to. Though he is just happy with anything now as long as he can put it in his mouth.

He is still sleeping through the night (YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!) and many nights he is out by eight. William is trying to crawl (though daddy is doing better than Will is). He has started laughing and he will smile at you when you smile at him and sometimes just to get you to smile back at him. He is getting bigger everyday and especially longer. He wears 6-9 month cloths because the others are just too short for our long child.

Well we will keep you all updated!


George, Meredith, and William

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