Monday, February 7, 2005

Eight Months and Getting our Wheels under us

Well it's official nothing is safe in our house anymore! Yes that's right, William is crawling.

He is discovering all of the things that he had been looking at for all of these months and seeing how they feel and not to mention taste. We are busy putting all of the little things that might spark some interest up higher. We have also installed some baby gates so that we can not tumble down the stairs.

In other news Meredith has started graduate school majoring in education. She is doing well and we are hoping for Dean's list!

We also have weddings coming up for other family members. Grandma (Meredith's Mom) and Grandpa Jimmie will be getting married on April 2nd. Maybe Will will be walking by then. Also Uncle Tim and Aunt Leslie will be getting married in September.

We will keep you all updated as things progress. Come and visit any time!

George, Meredith, and William