Saturday, September 10, 2005

On the Move...

Well it's official, we're moving. George has taken a new job in Hampton Roads and we are all excited. George starts the new job soon and Meredith will be staying behind for a little while to pack up the house and sell it. We have found a new house and once we get settled we hope to see you all and there will be festivities to follow.

As for Will, he is doing great. He is walking around the house, moving empty boxes when Mommy and Daddy are trying to pack them. His other favorite activity is to unpack boxes that we are in the process of packing and occasionally he will try to pack something that we are not ready to Mommy's cell phone.

Well be sure to check out the new pictures as we post them. In a couple of weeks Tim and Leslie will be getting married so look for some pictures from that event as well.

We hope to see you all soon.


George, Meredith, and William

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